Monday, January 6, 2014

Kid Rock vs. Culcha Candela - All Summer Long (Hamma! Dancehall Version) (S.I.R .Remix9

"Kid Rock vs. Culcha Candela - All Summer Long (Hamma! Dancehall Version) (S.I.R .Remix)"

Another S.I.R. song from 2008 which hasn't been available anywhere since the summer of 2010. It's not even on my official YouTube channel. Some of my earlier works don't fit my quality standards of today in my opinion ... but if you guys keep on requesting these old songs I'll be more than glad to re-post them :) so don't expect a perfect song - expect an S.I.R. from 2008. I am sure you can tell a development from back then to today. And with this being said, enjoy! :)

Acapella: "All Summer Long" by Kid Rock
Instrumental: "Hamma!" by Culcha Candela


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