Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coldplay vs. Beyoncé - The Scientist (If I were like you) (S.I.R. Remix)

"Coldplay vs. Beyoncé - The Scientist (If I were like you) (S.I.R. Remix)"

Acapella: "The Scientist" by Coldplay
Instrumental: "If I Were A Boy" by Beyoncé

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S.I.R. Dj Submitted - Added 02/19/10 The Scientist (If I Were Like You) (Coldplay vs. Beyonce) Preview Download Forum Link

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Stix Review By: Dj Stroke

I get to review my second "Smashed" track in a row, must be my lucky day! This is a great example of a perfectly executed A+B mashup. Simple, on beat, on key, and it sounds like they are meant for each other, 5*. Mashups like these, although maybe not the most flashy and creative, are the ones that people listen to and remember.
My only regret is that it may be a little too simple for some people. It's fine for me, because I know that mashers who do an A+B like you did still have talent to create a multi mix if they want to, but some people might critique your use of one instrumental/acapella.
When I'm assigned to review your stuff, they mind as well only give me the first two boxes, cuz this one is pretty pointless!

02.23.10 S.I.R. The Scientist (If I Were Like You) (Coldplay vs. Beyonce)

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